Cuckoos And Bankrobbers

So this morning I was thinking about things. To give you an idea what I was thinking about let me give you some backstory.
In 2011, I was divorced from my wife of 21 years. At roughly the same time, a woman who lived a county away had her life detonated when she discovered that her husband was a sex criminal. Her response to losing the majority breadwinner of the family to jail, was to get on a dating service and find a boyfriend? That is where she found me.
I don’t know why red flags weren’t being thrown up about someone on a dating site within weeks of losing their husband to a crime against the family. Let alone the fact that he had not even been sentenced yet. But, in divorce a lot of times our emotional compasses are broken.
In any event I was involved very quickly and we got married within a month or two. I barely knew her four kids middle names when she asked me to adopt them so that they would not have to share their lives with their father when he emerged from prison. I did not even think about it. I adopted them immediately. That solved the problem for the kids but little did I know, it was solving a problem for the mother as well. We’ll get to that.
She told me she would never come after me for child support. That the adoption was for the kids’ future. You tend to believe someone that you’re married to. And it made sense, and she said it over and over, that if something came up between us we would find a way around child support. Honestly, I figured that would be the case anyway since the kids were not even of my making. That a judge would be able to see my reasoning for adopting them. It turns out in family law that that is not the case either, someone has to pay for the kids, and regardless of the circumstances of the adoption, you sign – you pay.
Here’s a fun fact about family law: if someone put a gun up to your head, and threatening to blow your brains out if you did not adopt your kids, and you didn’t believe them, and they turned and shot someone else in the room to let you know that they were serious. And you shakily signed to the adoption papers. That that adoption would be legally binding. And you might pushback incredulously, but it’s true. Fact.
The court system would acknowledge the crime against you, would give you specific recourse regarding the gun to your head as a terroristic act or whatever. Would jail the woman. But you would NOT get out of the adoption. The crime, and the adoption are two separate legal entities In the eyes of the court.
We were married for four years, I helped that wife open 2 businesses the first one failed and the second one was in her area of training and it did fine. So well, in fact, that once that business had more than $10,000 in receivables, and on the same month that my first wife’s alimony ended, she left and proceeded to divorce me.
Our next communication was a letter served on me in my office waiting area, where I was informed that she was divorcing me, she wanted exactly the same alimony and consideration for HER children that I had given my own now-twenty-somethings, and she wanted child support.
She didn’t care where the kids lived until she found out that living with me would deny her the children’s child-support checks. Then, their domicile suddenly became a non-negotiable.
There was a struggle for nine months while she and her attorneys sifted my books and business and home for valuables, finally, handing me a settlement which came with $30,000 in her legal bills as well as $40,000 in her business back debt, and $210,000 in child support and their perpetual health insurance. My obligation to her children will extend seven years past our four year marriage.
So back to what I was thinking about. As I mentioned at the beginning of this article.
I was thinking about “cuckoo birds, and bank robbers”.
Cuckoo birds can’t raise their own young. They require the resources and effort of another party. So they deposit their eggs, (their children so to speak), into the nests of other birds for them to raise. They take advantage of other birds. It’s just what they do, they don’t know any better and it is how they survive. They probably feel no remorse.
I think it is funny though, that cuckoo birds are famous for another aspect of their mentality. Sometimes people are called “cuckoo”, and I don’t think it’s because they have other people pay for their babies.
But I was sitting there one day, deep in thought, brooding, upset about the events of 2016. Wishing I could paint my house but not having the money to do it because I send $3000 a month to another household.
Someone witnessing my aggravation commented “you need to stop doing that“
I said, “I can’t believe she got away with that“
The reply, “she probably doesn’t feel like she got away with anything, she probably never even thinks about it, never even thinks about you.“
And I thought about that. Because I had conferred on to that woman, feelings of smugness and satisfaction that she had managed to fool someone and take such thorough advantage of them. But once I was told that she probably never even thinks about it, I realized that very probably, that situation is on her mind about as much as a ‘specific bank’ that a bank robber cleaned out. A particular house burgled by a burglar. After the theft it was just a job. Another nest that a cuckoo bird dropped its eggs in one warm summer.
At the end of the week, a waitress or waiter does not remember all of the tables that went into that paycheck. And yet, it’s possible that most of those tables remember the waiter.
I’m not sure if it is liberating, to know that I am just a nameless faceless cast off. I suppose. It makes it less personal. My brother says she would’ve done that to anyone, her sole intent was the paycheck, she didn’t set out to hurt you. She needed to survive. You were collateral damage.

But I thought that the golddiggers only happen on TV, or in Hollywood, or to rich people. But I guess you don’t have to be rich to be conned. I suppose you just have to have enough money to make it worth it. And be in the wrong place at the right time.

Rinky-Dink Pet Pharmacies Can’t Match Human Pharmacies Safety

Did You Know that the “Pharmacy” operating within Chewy, Petsmart, PetcareRx and Petmeds is the same company? To be honest, I felt like Chewy (especially) really sank to the next level when they hopped into bed with that clan.
The most annoying thing about these p.o.s. “pet” pharmacies.
When you see their advertisement on TV and go to their site, people start looking around and they see stuff they think might be good for their pet.
So they order it. Because you can. You can order anything those pharmacies sell, of your own volition.
But often, it requires a prescription, so the Pet Pharmacy (supposedly a human being there, ha ha ha!!!) sends me a prescription to authorize.
And it’s for something that would kill the client’s cat SO FAST, it wouldn’t even get to my office in time for stomach pumping.
It doesn’t work that way at human pharmacies: People can’t just walk up to a human pharmacist and say “I think my pet needs this, please send prescription authorization to my Vet.” Pet Pharmacies oblige this CONSTANTLY. What idiots.
I get prescription authorizations for:
– Flea control that kills cats (Products for dogs only) – Nsaids that kill cats (Acetaminophen in the formula) – Two of the same category (redundant) medications, – Two antagonistic medications for heart conditions because ‘my grandfather takes that and I thought it would help my dog”, – A dose on thyroid medications so low that it wouldn’t help a church mouse, (Owner and Dr Google just guessed the dog had thyroid problems) – Heartworm pill refills for three years in a row with the prescription date LITERALLY hand scratched out, – An authorization for brand Vetoryl when the generic would have been a quarter the price. (I should have let the client pay for the $50 stuff instead of pointing him at the $12 stuff) – Heartworm pills at $4 off per box while *we* were running a buy-two-get-one from the manufacturer at the office. – Authorizations for fake heartworm pills. – Fake authorizations for real heartworm pills. (Yeah, these onlines will take almost handwritten prescriptions <> ) – Heartworm pills with Dutch (?) labeling from South Africa or something?
There’s more, except the number of instances is rarer.
One of these days they’ll go in and take the licenses away from the “pharmacists” working in those shops. But tbh I doubt that would impede the big wheels turning in that industry. So I said all that to say this: Use a human pharmacy instead of a “pet” pharmacy. There are SEVEN human pharmacies that do animal products. They’re on my website <>. They’re VIPPS accredited (not just dot-pharmacy domain holders) and they’re legitimate.

An Older Dog With Elevated ALT Liver Values [Case Communication]

Private information redacted.

Well, on the further testing thing, that’s up to ya’ll
There’s just no ‘easy’ test to illuminate an elevation in ALT, and he’s clinically strong. Without anything else on the bloodwork of concern. So that would be the reason I’d downplay it.

Testing repeated: Kind of ya’ll’s call too. I’d be curious in a month on Urso and with that span of time between his GI Ulcer issue and then – maybe things get MORE normal? Less normal?
Checking in a week would be academic – and if his numbers are changing on the 7 day basis I’d be surprised. But over a month it’s enough time I suppose, to see a trend. If you went 5-6 weeks, it’s all the same, really.
It has to do with how hard we even COULD chock the wheels on changes in ALT.

Is the underpinning of all health.
Within the limitations of matter, and the precision of genetics.
There are people (who are currently regarded as 100% heretical) who believe that *raw-diet-nutrition* is King.
I see the research <>and the way it fits into the real-life cases. (*Case I <>*)
And there’s a LOT to know about it. (Free online 191 page book <>)
And I took the time to calculate to the calorie <> and amino-acid how to make a balanced raw diet. To the ounce. Here’s the diet based on Flank Steak <> and Here’s the diet on Beef heart <>(Beef heart can be had at Mexican and Asian markets)
*Nutritional analysis <>* on all diet components in the above

Some people would say that a dog eating raw food would be healthier and there’s evidence that supports that. But it’s a bloody business to get into. Not ‘easy’ feeding. Diarrhea could be a consequence, or not. Every dog’s different.

Doc Johnson

7 Tests For Liver Function and Health

Besides extremely expensive (and risky) liver biopsies, ultrasounds, radiographs and bile-acids-tests – – there are seven ways to interpret liver health.
All of these come from the bloodwork.
Here are the seven measurements:
ALT – Alanine Amino Transferase: This is a “damage” enzyme and it’s typically elevated when the liver is being damaged in some way, by bacteria, viruses, or mechanical issues like duct obstructions or even cancers. ALT may also be elevated for other reasons. So, elevations in ALT aren’t dread-harbingers unless there are other clinical signs and bloodwork problems that suggest it.
ALK – Alkaline Phosphatase: This is a ‘stress-leakage’ enzyme that comes up whenever the liver is ‘overworked’ metabolizing drugs, germs, cellular debris, toxins, and sometimes during bone changes in rapid growth or decline (puppies).
t.BIL – Bilirubin is supposed to be removed from the bloodstream by the liver. If the liver falls-down-on-the-job the Bilirubin backs up and shows up high, in the blood work.
BUN – Blood Urea Nitrogen. A liver function assessment: The liver turns the bodies protein-by-products (ammonia) into Urea Nitrogen, which the kidney can get rid of. If the liver fails, the Ammonia is NOT converted into BUN (Urea Nitrogen) and the value for BUN drops off while the ammonia skyrockets, sometimes the BUN can fall all the way to zero and the kidney isn’t the problem. Dogs die of Ammonia poisoning.
tPROT – The liver makes all the bodies’ protein. So the “Total Protein” is a number that assesses how well the liver is processing amino acids, and making vital proteins. In liver failure or liver shunts, the Proteins will be reduced by the liver’s lack of production.
Albumin – Albumin is just one of the proteins the liver makes. If the Albumin is normal, it speaks well to the liver’s ability to make it.
Globulin – Similarly to Albumin, this is a bloodstream protein and the liver makes all the bodies’ protein.

Doc Johnson